Reducing Stress With Deep-Belly Breathing

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Is it possible to reduce stress in 3-5 minutes?  Absolutely. Let me explain why. When you are experiencing anxiety, your body is in a fight- flight-freeze stress response. You can activate this stress response by remembering a difficult situation, looking at an overwhelming to do list, watching a scary movie or worrying about “what ifs”. But do you know you can also…

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4 Things Peaceful People Do for Serenity

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Peaceful people do things differently.  And here are 4 ways that you can too: 1.  Peaceful people know their limits.  They don’t overextend themselves beyond their comfort level.   They know their limits with time, work, energy, eating, spending, drinking, entertaining. They practice balance in all things.  They identify times of extra stress and adjust accordingly.  So they are realistic…

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