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How I Work



Highlights of My Work as a Therapist
  • Specialization in the treatment of anxiety
  • 3 decades of experience
  • Expertise in working with women and girls
  • Combine body-mind techniques with scientifically proven therapies for treating anxiety
  • Show you tools you can use at home to get anxiety relief
What You Can Expect in Your First Therapy Session

Accurate Assessment: The Key to Lasting Results

Anxiety therapy starts with a holistic assessment to identify the specific underlying causes of your anxiety. Identifying these sometimes hidden, root causes is the key to providing long-term, lasting results vs. just treating your anxiety symptoms.

An accurate assessment leads to a successful treatment outcome because it tailors the therapy to fit your specific needs.

Individualized Therapy Plan: Designed specifically for You

We will develop a plan to address your specific concerns, as well as the underlying causes of your anxiety. This plan will target goals you wish to accomplish from our time together. These goals will guide the direction of your therapy. Also, I will show you “tools for your tool kit” that will help you get anxiety relief.

I Use Therapy Approaches Proven to Have Successful Outcomes

I stay current with the scientifically proven breakthroughs in the therapy field. These approaches include, but are not limited to EMDR, EFT and individual family of origin work. We will determine the approaches that will work best for you.

EMDR: Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

EMDR therapy is a proven approach recommended by the National Institute of Mental Health as a treatment of choice for anxiety.

EMDR can provide quicker and more lasting results than talk therapy alone.

EMDR, a mind-body approach, works through eye movements that help to activate the brain’s natural healing abilities.

When an overwhelmingly painful event occurs it can become “stuck” in the brain or “frozen in time”. Later, the emotions of that event can be retriggered or re-experienced, sometimes without you even knowing it, causing or contributing to anxiety. Eye movements allow the brain to heal these “stuck” emotions thus eliminating the re-triggering of anxiety.

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EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT helps calm your body’s fight, flight, freeze anxiety / stress response.

EFT is a self-help tool you can use in the moment when experiencing anxiety. It can help reduce your anxiety in a matter of minutes.

Unlike EMDR discussed above, EFT is unique in that it is a completely grass-roots approach. Rather than a counseling method developed by therapists, it has passed from one person to the next because of the benefits people are achieving from it.

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Family of Origin Therapy: Healing the Root Cause of Your Pain

Family of origin therapy examines the dynamics of the family you grew up in and how it impacts on you and your anxiety now.

The goal of family of origin therapy is for you to heal your wounds from the past and become more of your true and authentic self.

Family of origin experiences create patterns for:

  • Your internal self-talk (positive and negative)
  • How easy or difficult it is to say “No”, set boundaries or practice self-care
  • How happy you are
  • How you experience and cope with your emotions
  • What you believe to be true about yourself, others and your world

Resolving the patterns developed early in your life relieves anxiety, gives you freedom to be yourself, creates more joy and improves your health.


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