What Your Doctor Might Not Tell You About Anxiety: Part 1

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There are many things your doctor might not tell you about anxiety. In this series, we will be examining the top three. #1: Guilt can cause anxiety and actually is a leading culprit.  As women, we are socialized into being givers and pleasers. Remember the adage “sugar and spice and everything nice” or “pretty is as pretty does”? We learn…

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Four Things Peaceful Women Do for Serenity

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Peaceful women do things differently.  Here are four things you can put into practice that will help you achieve that same peace. 1.  Peaceful women know their limits.  They don’t overextend themselves beyond their comfort level.   They know their limits with time, work, energy, eating, spending, drinking, or entertaining and practice balance in these things.  They identify times of extra…

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The Four Common Mistakes Women Make That Increase Anxiety

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Did you know there are four common mistakes women make that can increase their anxiety?  When you are working to relieve anxiety, removing or reducing these four things will build a solid foundation for recovery.  Mistake #1:  Drinking caffeine. Because anxiety can prevent a restful nights sleep, its easy to get caught up in a caffeine-induced anxiety cycle. A client came to…

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Reducing Stress With Deep-Belly Breathing

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Is it possible to reduce stress in 3-5 minutes?  Absolutely. Let me explain why. When you are experiencing anxiety, your body is in a fight- flight-freeze stress response. You can activate this stress response by remembering a difficult situation, looking at an overwhelming to do list, watching a scary movie or worrying about “what ifs”. But do you know you can also…

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What is Generalized Anxiety?

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Review and summary of “What is Anxiety?”  As noted in What is Anxiety, one of the most common types of anxiety is related to the difficulties caused by major life changes.  Common examples include both positive changes such as a marriage, new baby, graduation, job change, positive move, etc.  Negative changes include loss of a job, financial pressure, divorce, death…

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What Causes Generalized Anxiety?

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Generalized anxiety often occurs as a result of repressed emotions you may not even know you have. Common causes include: 1. experiencing one or many difficult life changes. The stress is so great that it overloads your normal coping capacity and the body’s “fight, flight or freeze” stress response is activated (more on this in future articles).  Without tools to…

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New Treatment for Post Traumatic Stress: PTSD

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In order to understand this new treatment, it is important to know what causes Post Traumatic Stress and how targeting these causes provides relief.  What Causes Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD is caused by a traumatic event.  Although we usually think of trauma as a car accident, severe abuse, assault or combat.   You may have…

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Is stress effecting your health? Take this quick stress test to see.

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The Holmes-Rahe Life Stress Inventory Anxiety and stress result from having too many major life changes too quickly.   Take this quick test to see if anxiety and stress may be effecting your health. Write down the number listed on the left for every event you have experienced in the past year.  Add all of the numbers together for your…

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