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Why I Specialize with Women and Anxiety

Since I’ve been working with women for over 3 decades, I am intimately acquainted with their problems and concerns. As women, even though we are individually different, we also have a lot in common. This is especially true when it comes to the underlying causes of anxiety.

Caring for others is important to us. So much so that we can lose site of our selves and become overly identified with our roles as wives, mothers, or daughters. It’s common for family stressors, demands of daily life or busy careers to cause anxiety.

Recovering from this cycle is easier today due to the recent advances in the counseling field. And once free from anxiety, you have peace of mind, your relationships are better and stress related illnesses improve or disappear.

Why I’m a therapist

It’s rewarding to see the changes my clients make through therapy. I’m inspired by their courage and feel blessed with work that I’m still passionate about after all these years. I can’t imagine any other career that could be more fulfilling.

Why I use the counseling methods I do

Coming from generations of educators, I naturally love to learn. My uncle, Bernard Fulton, founded Greenhill School in Dallas before I was born.

The early influences of my family encouraged me to be open-minded and curious. This curiosity, along with a fascination with how the mind works, led to the constant review of new therapy approaches for helping my counseling clients to overcome anxiety.

Two recent discoveries in the counseling field include EFT: The Emotional Freedom Technique and EMDR. These proven approaches, combined with traditional counseling methods, provide faster and more profound results than counseling alone. Many clients, by including EFT or EMDR in their therapy, are helped to recover from anxiety without the use of medication. Thus making long-term results possible without harmful side effects.

Why I specialize in anxiety

My specialization in treating anxiety has deep and personal meaning. for me. Having experienced anxiety, I know how difficult it is and how painful it can be to allow fear to control your choices. The therapy methods I use in my counseling sessions are the same tools that I have used to overcome my own adversities. Valuing the inner peace I have found, I wish to share what has worked for me with others so they can experience this inner peace in their own lives.

My personal history and interests

I’m from TN and moved to the Dallas area in 2006. So now I’m officially a Texan.

I like to travel, and when on vacation can usually be found in the mountains, or on the beach. I love nature and enjoy anything from sitting on my porch while watching the sun set to gazing at the stars or and watching wild life. I also enjoy walking, reading, music, entertaining, step aerobics, dogs, comedies, laughing, good conversations, dancing and hiking.

Credentials and Experience
  • Licensed Psychotherapist in TexasX and North Carolina.
  • Masters Degree from the University of Georgia.
  • Level 2 Certified (highest level) EMDR treatment specialist: training received by EMDR founder Francine Shapiro.
  • Over a decade of experience in Clinical EFT: trained by its founder Gary Craig.
Past Positions
  • Director of a multidisciplinary health care team of 35 members.
  • Governor Appointed, Chair Professional Licensure Board in TN.
  • Adjunct University faculty graduate and undergraduate level.
Corporate Presentations
  • UT Southwestern Medical Center, Sprint, Citi, Eastman, United Healthcare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, John Deere, Baxter Healthcare, TN State Government, Quillen College of Medicine.
  • State Conference Presentations.
  • TX Association of Addiction Professionals.
  • National Association of Social Workers.


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